The art of
your soul.

Help us awaken the world through the wonder of art.





With a consistent drop in faith affiliation, many will go through life without developing a meaningful relationship with God.

Through the expression of extraordinary art, The Sanctuary will tell the story of Christ’s journey to Calvary through 60 larger-than-life bronze sculptures, identifying the fourteen encounters Christ had along this path of sorrows known as Via Dolorosa.

Aiding in the sharing of the story and message of Faith, The Sanctuary transforms evangelization into a physical representation. For those who are lost, suffering, and yearning to feel love, The Sanctuary provides the space for their desires for a deeper connection.

"Art is the language of the soul, and when done beautifully, it opens minds and hearts to what was previously unknown or misunderstood."





Breath-taking artistry.
Life-giving experience.

This 2,500-foot path is nestled in the serene beauty of mature white pines and a variety of deciduous trees.

The Sanctuary will provide a refuge for the most vulnerable among us who do not know of Christ’s love while offering a place of meditation for the faithful who desire to grow deeper in their relationship with God.

Its natural topography offers contours for varied sightlines along with a wooded environment that provides tranquility for visitors while enjoying the contrast of the bronze work statues with the striking natural landscape.

The Sanctuary is minutes from Kalamazoo and Battle Creek and 45 minutes south of Grand Rapids, with easy accessibility from the I-94 corridor between Chicago and Detroit, as well as the I-96 highways for those traveling from Lansing and the Tri-Cities areas.





United by His love.
Ignited by our passion.

There has never been a more immediate time to share the story of Christ, than now.

A recent Pew Research Center survey identifies the fastest growing category of religious identity as “none” – at a time when depression, suicide, and addictions continue to rise. The data reflects what the heart lacks: a personal relationship with God.

The Sanctuary will be the introduction to Christ for individuals, families, and classes to begin their journey in living a faith-filled life.

With your gracious support, The Sanctuary will be one of the most beautiful sculpture parks for spirituality, bringing together people from all walks of life near and far.

Your contribution will bring to life this beautiful park and enlighten its bright future.





The story of Christ is beautiful—a story of hope, love, and faith.

In its earliest days, the story of Christianity was told by art—impeccable paintings and grand architecture of epic proportions. In today’s world, we have displaced the value of beauty with convenience and practicality. For over two thousand years, artists, philosophers, and theologians have identified art with our longing for God, as art is the language of the soul. When done beautifully, it opens minds and hearts to what was previously unknown or misunderstood.

There are 10 world-class sculptors involved in the making of these incredible sculptures, but there are so many more craftsmen responsible for creating these magnificent pieces of art. Each stage is a form of art and requires skilled tradesmen – from the 3-D printing and wax casting to pouring the bronze, welding the pieces together, and applying the patina. Like with much great art from centuries past, the connection of the sculptor/artist with the commissioned work is what makes for a great story.

bronze statue

World-class artists.
World-changing message.

The Sculptors

The ten original artists who designed and created the first sculptures of their kind for The Cloisters on the Platte will replicate them for only a second time for The Sanctuary. George Lundeen, Martin Eichenger, Rob Arps, Joey Bainer, Dee Clements, Ann Larose, Lynn Kircher, Bets Lundeen, Mark Lundeen and Thomas Jay Warren.

Trevor Bosworth

As a skilled and seasoned Landscape Architect, Trevor is committed to creating powerful experiences that resonate over time. A graduate of Michigan State University and Principal with Viridis Design Group, Trevor is known in the industry for his collaborative skills, strategic thinking, and design excellence.

Progressive AE

The award-winning Worship Team at Progressive AE has over 50 years of experience in church design that includes more than 900 church projects for 18 different denominations throughout the country, from New York to California. Led by John Van Houten, the team’s extensive experience in architectural design and rich knowledge base working with a wide variety of denominations is pivotal in helping achieve an experience welcoming to all.

The Rock Artisans

With the unique knowledge and skill sets of themed construction, these highly skilled and creative artisans will create rock sculptures that will be incorporated into the native landscape. With an artistic and visionary mindset, these award-winning artisans achieve the highest level of quality and detail.

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